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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services for IT companies

Annual Maintenance Contract, popularly known as AMC, has attained great significance in the hyper competitive business environment. In today’s Internet enabled world, most organizations rely on IT and communications infrastructure for their core business activities. So ensuring the health of the infrastructure is vital for sustained business growth of the organization.

An ill-timed failure in the critical infrastructure components can have a direct impact on customer relations. Rather than looking for a solution when there is an IT emergency, it is always better to do maintenance and repair on a regular basis.

Dutecs, a market leader in AMC services Dubai, has been playing a great role in ensuring business success and improving the bottom line.

Annual Maintenance Contract Services, What are the AMC benefits?

    • Cost savings

      Initially, cost savings are not much apparent as you need to pay up front before any maintenance work begins. However, in the long run AMC does translate into cost savings. Through regular maintenance and repair, your IT infrastructure would be working smoothly without any major hiccups throughout the year.

    • Improved durability

      Every component undergoes wear and tear and without proper maintenance it becomes difficult to restore its functionality. This incurs huge costs as you need to replace it with new ones. Through AMC, the durability and endurance of the components can be prolonged through systematic maintenance and repair.

    • Increased productivity

      Once the components are properly maintained, there is less chance of it experiencing unexpected system failure. As the technicians carry out thorough examination and inspections, they can easily identify minor glitches that if ignored can lead to major issues such as breakdowns and malfunctions. So with AMC, you can be rest assured that the systems and devices would operate efficiently even during peak times.

    • Dedicated service

      Once the contract is signed, you need not worry about service schedules. The service provider would keep track of your maintenance and repair schedule so that you can focus on your core competencies.

    • Expert technicians

      Through annual maintenance contract, you get to work with technicians who are specialists in their field. They are expert in handling any kind of situation whether emergency or not. Having experience in managing all kinds of devices, they can comprehend the issues very easily. Besides, in times of emergency, being familiar with the business processes and functions they can even provide quick fix solutions. They can also provide expert advice for extending the longevity of the systems or devices.

Want to focus on your core competencies? Connect with us now and be rest assured about the maintenance and repair of your IT and communications infrastructure.