A Quick Look at Cloud IT Services in Dubai

Dutecs: Best Cloud IT Service Providers in Dubai

As per a report in Forbes, the  cloud computing spending has been growing at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending since 2009 and is expected to grow at better than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020. This more or less substantiates the fact that cloud computing is here to stay. Most enterprises and small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have recognized the role of cloud in growing their business.

Without any upfront costs and without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, you can ensure optimal business execution and thereby achieve the desired business outcomes with cloud. So those who are yet to join the cloud bandwagon, here is a look at some of the cloud IT services in Dubai that you might not be familiar with.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

With Azure cloud services in Dubai, you can access a plethora of services that include compute, web, analytics, data storage, networking, hybrid integration, media and content delivery, development, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, security, databases, DevOps, migration, compliance, automation, data backup and disaster recovery (DR). Without compromising on technology and pricing, you get all the services required to ensure business success.

Office 365 Services

Microsoft 365 - Office 365 services

In today’s always connected work environment, a digital workplace is what you require and by moving to our Microsoft Office 365 service in Dubai you get one powered by the cloud. From Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access to Sway, you can get your tasks done easily and effortlessly anywhere at any time.

Zoho Office Suite


From word processing, note-taking, presentations, spreadsheets, wikis, invoicing, databases, web conferencing, customer relationship management, to project management, Zoho makes things easier for you and your team. Its Zoho mail suite and Zoho books make managing your emails and finances easy and error free.

Google G Suite

With Google G Suite, you get access to all Google Apps and that too with value added features, which help meet all your business needs.

The cloud providers in Dubai and UAE offer a wide spectrum of cloud solutions in Dubai and other parts of UAE. This includes cloud consulting services and cloud migration services in Dubai and UAE. As part of these services, they provide the right cloud solution that best meets the unique business needs of the organizations. They help create a roadmap that not only makes the transition to the cloud smooth and effortless but also helps extract maximum value from the cloud investments. Existing workloads, however complex it might be, are migrated to the cloud without any glitch. This makes the cloud a “safe bet” since once you move to the cloud, you can put an end to concerns that include unreliable networks, security issues and operational overheads. In its place you welcome flexibility, reliability, scalability, security, and business agility at no extra cost.