Customized, Robust Cyber Security Solutions by Dutecs

In today’s digital age, ensuring cyber security is of paramount importance as hackers are always on the lookout for loopholes and take advantage of it. And with the threat landscape constantly evolving, it is highly necessary to constantly evaluate the security and put in place state of the art cyber security software tools in Dubai companies to ensure optimum protection.

Because just one slip and you would end up not only losing your confidential data but also spending more to get the situation back to normal. Hence, partnering with companies that provide the best of the breed cyber security software tools in Dubai is the best means to tackle the menace rather than living with worry.

Dutecs is one such company in Dubai that leads in providing best of the breed cyber security solutions to its clients. Here are some of the cyber security tools that Dutecs specializes in:

Cloud Backup Solutions in Dubai

Dutecs provides cloud backup solutions in Dubai that help companies to store and secure their files on the Internet rather than on a disk such as hard drive. With their cloud backup solutions, your data backup is done automatically at scheduled times thereby allowing you to recover files at any time, even if any untoward incident happens. Any disaster, be it natural, man-made or technological, companies can recover from it in no time with cloud backup solutions.

For instance, take the case of Veritas backup exec and Acronis cyber backup (formerly Acronis Data Backup Standard), the disaster recovery solutions that Dutecs provides services for. Symantec backup exec recovers data, applications, application objects, VMs, workstations, databases, or systems, from an individual file, mailbox item, table object, to an entire server.

While, Acronis data backup helps protect a wide range of workloads such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure, VMware vSphere, Mac, and other applications; IaaS cloud workloads; and mobile devices.

So whether your data resides on-premise, in remote location, in the cloud, or on mobile device, your data would be completely secure.

Endpoint Security Solutions in Dubai

With BYOD culture and IoT gaining ground, any device can provide an entry point for threats to find their way in and cause devastation. Hence, it is highly essential to ensure endpoint protection / security. Dutecs provides industrial standard security products to make sure that every endpoint connecting to a network is secure.

Dutecs is partner with Sophos endpoint security and Malwarebytes endpoint protection / security solutions. Malwarebytes endpoint protection / security software provides Multi-Vector Protection (MVP) that uses a seven layered approach. As for Sophos endpoint security, it provides antivirus, antispyware, host intrusion prevention, firewalling, application control, device control, and network access control.

At Dutecs, we customize these solutions so that you get the best cyber security software in Dubai that matches your requirement. And thus, whatever be the situation, you will be back on the track in no time, thanks to these disaster recovery and endpoint security solutions from Dutecs.

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