The Right Approach to get the Best Cyber Security Services in Dubai

Why Cyber Security is essential for all Businesses?

Though technological advancements have thrown open new avenues and new revenue streams for companies on one hand; on the other hand it has led to rampant increase in incidents with respect to cyber security, unauthorized access in UAE. As per a recent research report, malware attacks in UAE increased by 12 per cent in the first three months of 2019. A total of 1,101,745 phish attacks and 23.4 million malware threats were reported in the country during the Q1 2019. Hence, more and more companies, both SMBs (Small and Medium Sized businesses) and large enterprises are seeking cyber security services in Dubai.

With the demand for cyber security services in Dubai growing, many cyber security services LLC in Dubai have sprang up. Though these service providers have experience, skill and knowledge, it is essential to ensure that they are the right cyber security partner for you who can keep your defense strategy on track and up to date.

But how to pick out the best from the lot? Ask the following questions to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the cybersecurity service providers:

  1. How do they ensure security of data in motion?
    Every company needs measures to secure their data both at rest and in motion. As data traverses through networks, others may try to intercept data. So the service provider must be able to ensure accessibility to managed VPN in Dubai that guarantees encryption as well as data security. Moreover, they should be able to provide customized VPN solutions, so that you can buy VPN in Dubai that suit your needs that too at best prices.
  2. What is their take on backup and disaster recovery solutions?
    Disasters are commonplace in the IT landscape. Natural or man-made, disaster recovery solutions in Dubai are an essential service that most organizations require. However, some of the service providers provide solutions only for data backup and recovery in UAE. But in today’s IT landscape, where more and more companies are joining the cloud bandwagon, it is important to provide cloud backup in UAE. Thus the solutions for disaster recovery in Dubai must not be limited to data recovery but customized to meet all your business needs. If the service provider is a storage company in Dubai, then they can ensure utmost security in all aspects.

Since in today’s technology landscape where there is an array of technology solutions available, partnering with a service provider who offers a range of cyber security services in Dubai is the right approach.