Secure & Backup Cloud Data with Third Party Backup Solutions in Dubai

With the advancement of technology, the threat landscape is becoming increasingly murkier with the threat actors devising new means to acquire critical information (personal identifiable information, intellectual property and trade secrets) or get companies/employees to fork up millions of dollars unsuspectingly. With cyber-attacks showing no sign of slowing in 2019, businesses whether big or small in UAE need to take steps to secure their business information systems including email and also internet connected devices. Hence threat based cybersecurity is the need of the hour and for that you need to invest in robust security and backup solutions in Dubai.

The cloud is turning out to be a great means to increase efficiency and cash flow and hence more and more businesses are looking to buy Office 365/ Microsoft Azure in UAE and tap its potential. With Office 365 plans offering innumerable options for startups, SMBs or enterprises, it is definitely one of the best cloud options for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, the Office 365 business price in UAE comes within budget, which helps businesses to reduce their expenses considerably. However, office 365 has one important drawback and that is it doesn’t guarantee customer data protection. Hence, to protect critical documents and emails there is the need for third party backup solutions. Here is a look at some of the third party security and backup solutions in Dubai.


Acronis Backup Standard

As per a research report, one in 50 emails contains some form of malicious content. Malicious emails are a great headache for any organization as these mails contain malware such as ransomware, spyware, adware, or Trojans. Acronis provides fast, efficient backup support to Office 365 mail and Microsoft Azure VM. Available in two options- Acronis Backup Standard and Advanced, Acronis streamlines data protection tasks. As the Acronis backup price is lower than many of its competitors, data backup is easy, fast and economical.

Veritas Backup Exec Formerly (Symantec Backup Solutions)

The built in security features of Office 365 is not sufficient to protect the sensitive data that has to move invariably between endpoints, clouds and third parties. With Symantec backup solutions, small and big organizations get unparalleled security visibility and control. By securing the transition to Office 365 email and apps, by implementing robust data security to control access, by isolating potentially malicious links  and by scanning and removing malware files, Symantec backup solutions help to get the most out of Office 365.

Sophos Endpoint Security

To get the latest protection against malware, spam and phishing attacks, buy Sophos security in Dubai. Powered by artificial intelligence, Sophos uses behavioural analysis to stop ransomware attacks. It employs authentication techniques and email header anomaly analysis to permit legitimate emails and thereby block phishing imposters. By using the latest threat intelligence, Sophos easily catches thousands of new threats discovered every hour. It ensures data protection by scanning all emails for keywords and file types and by analyzing multiple attributes of a file to detect the true identity.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Buy malwarebytes security in Dubai to protect data against ransom and malware as it employs multiple layers of technology both static and dynamic detection techniques to address advanced threats. Malwarebytes blocks attempts to compromise application vulnerabilities proactively. It uses a combination of heuristic and behavioural rules to identify entire families of known malware. It ensures complete and thorough remediation by removing all traces of infections and related artefacts.

By using these backup solutions, businesses can easily ensure data protection and security.