Secure IT in Dubai with Dutecs : IT Security & Solutions

With data breaches increasing at an alarming rate and with the emergence of ransomware as the major cyber security threat, more and more businesses in Dubai understand the importance of digital security.

Hence, different security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, password protection, and encryption are implemented to ensure utmost digital security. But what about other security threats?

With the focus entirely on digital security, there has been laxity on the part of businesses with regard to other biggest security threats, for instance, tailgating.  Though tailgating is still employed by many to gain entry to restricted areas, it is overlooked often.

So what is required is effective IT security and solutions in Dubai that offer comprehensive security solutions. Here is a look at the IT security and solutions offered by the leading IT solutions provider in Dubai.

Why Access Control System is Important ?

Dutecs, one of the leading IT solution providers in UAE, Dubai, offers sophisticated access control systems in Dubai to ensure secure IT in Dubai. With the aim of providing robust security solutions, we offer different options to choose from.

This includes pin entered or smart card enabled door access control system and biometric access control systems. Access control systems provide you with great control such as whom to be provided access and whom to be restricted from entering the office. This is why we all use access control systems for anywhere the security required.

Door access control systems are the most commonly used access control systems all over the world as these are easy to use standalone systems. It allows entry either by punching a pin code or by swiping a smart card. While, biometric systems come with fingerprint access for the registered personals.

Why Install CCTV Security Systems ?

CCTV security systems are closed circuit television for video surveillance that provide effective security measures to ensure security. Through its CCTV installation services in Dubai, Dutecs not just provides CCTV security systems for business but also office camera system installations.

CCTV security systems for business and office serve as a deterrent for illegal activities as it monitors the activities of the employees and visitors, which is crucial these days. Any breach of security would be informed through alarms and the footage from the camera would serve as evidence. This substantiates the importance of CCTV camera system installations.

Dutecs serve IT Solutions for better business

Dutecs provides customized IT security and solutions in UAE, Dubai. We provide robust, secure and flexible IT solutions that can help enhance the business value. Having a team of experts who can handle any issues with utmost dexterity, Dutecs is the best partner for businesses and enterprises alike as they provide world class solutions.