Changing Facets of Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai

Biometric access control systems in Dubai have undergone vast changes. Not only from a technological perspective but also when we take into account other aspects as well. As per a new market research report titled, Biometric System Market – Global Forecast to 2029, “the global biometric system market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% from 2022 to 2029 to reach USD 51.6 billion by 2029.” Let’s read along to understand the advancements in biometric access control systems in Dubai and why the figures are not surprising.

Traditional Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai

The traditional biometric access control systems in Dubai include the old lock and keys to proximity cards. When technology advanced it led to innovations that brought about unseen changes in the biometric access control system market. Well, this is not surprising because technological advancements have led to a heightened threat environment.

Though businesses face more risks than ever before, other factors are also responsible for the popularity of biometric access control systems in Dubai. Fingerprint scanning, iris or retina scanning, ID badge scanning, and using a keypad to input a passcode were some of the measures employed by organizations to ensure physical security and prevent data breach incidents. Not only has it restricted the movement of intruders from accessing office devices and confidential information, but it also helped in assuring security for authorized personnel.

Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai after the Pandemic

systems for biometric access control in Dubai

Fingerprint scanners and iris or retina scanners were the most widely used employee biometrics to verify one’s identity. It was found to be the most secure way as there were chances for manipulation on the part of the employees when using passcode and scanning ID badges. But with the pandemic, all these changed. With the disease spreading through contact, the pandemic brought one more aspect into the picture, which the organizations had to consider when installing biometric access control systems in Dubai.

Apart from physical security and data security, the pandemic forced organizations to think about employee safety as well.  So, when buying biometric access control systems in Dubai, they had to look for options to prevent the contraction and spreading of diseases. And therefore, a hands-free approach was considered to be the best means to ensure physical security, data security, and employee safety.

biometric systems for access control in Dubai

By reducing physical touchpoints, organizations are looking at means to create not only a hacker-proof environment but also a germ-free environment as well. Facial authentication is the new biometric access control system that is slowly getting popular. Unlike fingerprint scanners or iris or retina scanners where there is sharing of the scanners between the employees, facial authentication does not involve physical contact or sharing of the scanner.

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