Choose the Right CCTV Solution to Enhance Your Enterprise Security

Safety and security have become two of the most significant aspects of every business today. And installing CCTV Cameras is one way of ensuring that your business premises are under surveillance. However, surveillance systems have rapidly evolved in recent times making it difficult for business owners to choose the right system for their requirements. The services these systems provide have gone beyond just providing safety. They can now do a lot more than that. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right CCTV solution that not only fits your requirements but also provides you with the right desired results.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect CCTV solutions for your enterprise security

Ensuring workplace safety in Dubai is paramount and every organization, big or small, ensures that their premises are laced with security cameras. Following are some of the most important points that you must ensure before investing in office camera systems:

High-quality videos

The whole purpose of installing a CCTV solution is that you can decipher any unwanted activity on your premises. This can only happen through high-quality videos that will paint a clear picture of what is happening around you. Gone are the days when CCTV systems provided hazy visuals that even law enforcement agencies struggled to decipher. Today’s high-tech cameras are equipped to deliver clear images and videos for better results. This is the kind of system you want on your premises to make them absolutely safe and secure.

Monitoring services on a consistent basis

A security breach can happen at any time and you need consistent surveillance to ensure that any unwanted activity on your premises is captured and reported. So, in addition to installing security cameras, you must also have a team of expert professionals that is capable of spotting crime in real-time. Your security staff must be trained to handle emergency situations and you must have additional staff members to work in shifts so that there are reliable eyes always looking after your property.

Integration with Smartphones

The most significant part of any access control system is its integration with your smartphones. As we all are with our smartphones at all times, integrating your CCTV videos with your phone will allow you to get instant notifications about any suspected activity on your premises. You can monitor your property from just about anywhere and keep a tab on things at all times. A similar integration can also be done on laptops, and tablets to provide you with an instant checking feature.

Cloud storage of videos

You never know when you might need an old CCTV video. So, saving those high-quality videos on the cloud will ensure that you have access to them at any time. Saving so many videos on a device can be extremely cumbersome, especially since it’s a daily activity and there might a huge amount of data that might get piled up over a period of time. Data loss is one of the biggest threats in such systems. However, if you save those videos on the cloud, your data will remain safe.

Alarm integration and notifications

Any business dealing with expensive equipment or a lot of cash must have this feature installed in its office camera systems. In case of a theft, the alarm will kick off instantly and you will be able to respond faster. Alarm integration also provides features like wrong fingerprints, motion monitoring, password locking, and rotating passwords that further enhance your security.

Video analytics and movement tracking

This is another advanced feature that has been integrated into modern CCTV systems. These machines are laden with pre-set rules according to the requirements of individual businesses and they can detect suspicious movement, track objects, and send a notification for proper action. So, if an unwanted person is loitering around your office beyond usual hours, your office camera system will set out an alarm for you for further action.

Easy to maintain

Security is an aspect that needs to be at the peak of its performance at all times. Prolonged downtimes can hurt your business. So, your systems must be easy to maintain and come with guaranteed long performance.

Easy to learn and use

It is not always possible to have trained staff members operating these systems. They must be easy to learn and operate so that anyone from your organization can operate them. This will give you a wider scope of keeping them running even when the person in charge is not around.

Security is one aspect that just cannot be ignored. Office camera systems have become almost a mandate at any business office or workplace so that you not only keep your property safe but also safeguard your workforce. So, if you are looking for structured cabling solutions in Dubai, make sure you reach out to a professional and trustworthy service provider who has an in-depth understanding of these systems and is able to provide the latest and most efficient CCTV security cameras in Dubai. Compromising on quality is not advisable in this aspect as it is all about safety, a primary requirement for you, your business, and your employees.

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