Dutecs, a Single Provider of Multitude of IT Infrastructure Solutions

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every country very badly. And UAE was no exception. The whole country was put under complete lockdown. This was done to prevent the pandemic from spreading. There was no vaccine, medicine or proper treatment available, only those with strong immunity was found to survive the pandemic. As the lockdown was not bringing the results expected of it, almost all countries including UAE decided to lift the lockdown. Though some countries have decided to continue with certain sanctions, UAE decided not to impose any more sanctions. Instead they asked people to be careful and follow strict guidelines to prevent contracting the disease. So as UAE is standing tall against the adversity, the people of Dubai and UAE are supporting the government in all possible ways.

As the government and the people have decided to take on the world, many IT infrastructure companies have decided to enhance their services to meet future requirements. For instance, schools are not yet opened and classes are going on in full swing. And in order to combat Corona pandemic, some offices have asked the employees to work from home. As the online sessions and work from home jobs demand incessant internet availability, it is essential to ensure that there are no interruptions of any kind. In order to meet the demand, IT infrastructure solution providers can be approached for getting effective structured cabling services in Dubai and UAE.

Importance of Working with One Solution Provider

Instead of approaching structured cabling companies, it is always good to get in touch with service providers offering an array of IT infrastructure solutions such as Dutecs who provide CCTV camera installation, door access control system, time attendance terminal to name a few. By getting multiple solutions from a single service provider, you can benefit from cost efficiency due to bundling services. Besides, you would get a completely integrated solution and also IT support when required. Let’s look at some of the solutions provided by Dutecs.

Solutions for Office and Home

Why we should consider Access Control Systems ?

Dutecs provides solutions and services not just for offices but also homes. Though many are working from home, there are many who need to go to office for one reason or the other. And with online classes going on, working parents are very much concerned about their children at home. Dutecs’ offers access control systems for not just offices but also homes. These door access control systems include both finger print access control and biometric access control. With no fear of children ever losing the house keys, the parents can assure themselves of the safety and security of their children with the door access systems from Dutecs.

Time and Attendance Terminal Services

For offices in Dubai and UAE, their access control systems come paired with time and attendance terminal. This allows the employees to record their working hours through touch or swipe. Dutecs also has biometric access control systems that allow access through facial recognition, vein reader, or hand geometry. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, such access systems are definitely helpful in preventing the disease from spreading.

Install CCTV Security Cameras at Home & Office

Dutecs also helps with CCTV security camera installation in Dubai and UAE, which helps in ensuring not just security but also in monitoring whether people are following the health guidelines put forwarded by the UAE government.

Thus Dutecs, as a single provider of multitude of services, you get to work with a single point of contact who not only helps to set up the solutions properly but also to customize it to your needs.

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