Ensure Business Continuity with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Dubai

Microsoft recently launched Compliance Manager in UAE. Powered by AI and other cutting edge technologies, it is definitely a must have considering the unexpected scenario that we find ourselves in.

Armed with numerous features that include identity protection, multi-layered security, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on through Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services in Dubai provides a welcome relief for hundreds and thousands of companies.

Dutecs, the prominent Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider in Dubai, UAE, explains how Compliance Manager and Microsoft Azure can help UAE companies to tide over Corona pandemic without major hiccups. Let’s first look at the current business scenario in UAE.

A Massive Surge in Cyber Attacks

In the data-driven business world, endpoint security is crucial. However, with teleworking becoming a necessity rather than a choice, organizations have no clue as to how to ensure data security. Cyber attackers have launched pandemic related attacks to lure victims.

With the global population thirsty for knowledge to get clarity on coronavirus, cyber attackers have turned to phishing campaigns, malicious URLs, attacks on cloud services, malware attacks, mobile malware, to either get hold of data or make money through ransomware.

As per statistics, Google blocked 18 million daily malware and phishing emails related to Coronavirus in April 2020. And according to UAE’s state news agency WAM, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of UAE foiled about 120,038 cyber-attacks in July alone.

Need for Ensuring Data Security

Data security have never been as crucial as it is in 2020. With Covid 19 pandemic casting a shadow on life of the people by affecting their work, happiness and aspirations, people have been forced to live a life of caved isolation.

However, a lucky few had the good fortune of working from home and earning income. Though this allowed the IT sector to save its economy from taking the plunge even though the global economy is falling into the worst ever recession that the world has ever seen, the critical data is out there unprotected, insecure, and ready to be stolen.

With organizations depended on individuals to ensure endpoint security so as to protect the critical corporate data from falling into wrong hands, effective measures are necessary to save the situation.

How can Compliance Manager from Microsoft Azure, UAE help?

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, states that 52% of legal and compliance leaders are concerned about third-party cyber risks due to remote work since COVID-19.

Microsoft UAE, who has already freed businesses from worries about investment and underlying infrastructure with its Azure cloud services in Dubai and UAE, have launched Compliance Manager to make things easier for businesses of all sizes. Considering the cost and risk implications of non-compliance, securing and governing the critical business data becomes all the more necessary.

According to Mohammed Arif, Business Director at Microsoft UAE, “Microsoft Compliance Manager helps businesses to make sense of this data-driven business world, providing a comprehensive set of templates for creating assessments, helping your organization comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of data. This is part of Microsoft’s commitment to keep our businesses and government organizations safe and secure.”

How does Dutecs can be your most trusted partner when it comes to IT related solutions?

Though Azure marketplace UAE provides all the details of the Microsoft products, partnering with Dutecs assure you excellent customer service. Microsoft Azure Dubai promises you productive, intelligent, and trusted solutions that help transform your organization to a cost effective, secure and energy efficient organization.

Being Microsoft’s partner, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that we keep the promises assured by Microsoft Azure UAE. So by partnering with us you benefit from:

  • SaaS model where you pay as you go
  • Azure availability zones where there would be one or more datacenters to take care of your mission critical applications
  • Microsoft Compliance Manager
  • Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) with built-in intelligence, automation, and integration to ensure security across endpoints, email, identity, and cloud apps

Being the leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider in Dubai, UAE, we assure you that you can ensure business continuity without any issues for years to come.

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