Ensure Business Continuity with Online Data Storage & Recovery Solutions

Data, both structured and unstructured, when analyzed can provide incredible insights about customer behavior. This helps businesses to take strategic business decisions that provide them with much needed competitive advantage. Though this data is a treasure trove of information with significant potential future payoffs, the reality is that most of the businesses do not take advantage of it. The reason for this is the increasing data storage costs. Dutecs, a leading solution provider in Dubai, provides you incredible solutions so that you do not lose out on business. Dutecs provides all help in migrating from the traditional on-premise data management system to cloud storage. Dutecs also provides data recovery solutions.

Cloud Storage
As per Statista, “As of 2020, around 50 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. This share reached 30 percent in 2015 and has continued to grow as companies increasingly shift their resources into cloud environments in the hope of improving security and reliability.”  This amply summarizes the popularity of cloud storage among businesses. It is cost effective as it considerably decreases operating costs. And being scalable, businesses can increase the storage capacity as and when they require. An important aspect of cloud storage is that you can access the data from anywhere. Dutecs provides the best cloud storage solutions that are customized to meet your business needs. Here is a look at the online data storage solution offered by Dutecs:

  • Dropbox Business
    Dropbox business is nothing but cloud file storage solution that helps in meeting the needs of the global business world. With Dropbox login, you get access to several options and businesses can choose the option that best meets their business requirements. Not just data storage, Dropbox business also makes file sharing and collaboration easy and seamless. Having a Dropbox business account makes it easy for the team to share files and collaborate effortlessly. As for security, Dropbox business uses 256-bit AES encryption when storing data. In the case of backups, Dropbox business automatically syncs the files in Dropbox. Besides, Dropbox business has tiered admin roles, device approvals, audit logs and so on.

Data Recovery
For any business, it is very important to have an effective disaster recovery plan in order to prevent data loss. Otherwise not only would it result in losing customers and revenue but also bring about potential bankruptcy. According to Statista, the global average cost of a data breach is 3.86 million U.S. dollars. And as per a report by Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the Middle East is $5.97. Hence, having incredible software for backing up your data could help in averting undesirable consequences. Here is a look at the different data recovery options that Dutecs offers:

  • Acronis Cyber Backup
    Acronis Backup makes use of virtualization options to decrease downtime or to ensure faster disaster recovery. Having 14+ cloud data centers, Acronis stores backups securely in any of these data centers. Irrespective of size and location of the data, Acronis cloud securely protects company data. So in the case of any eventuality, Acronis ensures faster data recovery. It uses AI based technologies to avert ransomware attacks. And if at all there is unintended disaster, it ensures business continuity by quickly restoring the data. With its multi-tier deduplication, Acronis helps reduce storage space by eliminating duplicate data blocks when backing up and transferring data.

According to FEMA, 40%-60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster be it a natural disaster like earthquake or IT incidents like massive data loss. In such a scenario, small and medium businesses need to implement effective data storage and data recovery solutions to ensure business continuity.

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