Ensure Business Security from cyber-attacks with Dutecs

Though we have made great advances in terms of technology to ensure IT security, data breach incidents are not showing any signs to subside rather it is continuing to rise.  For instance, if statistics are to be believed, around 4.1 billion records were breached in the first half of 2019. In such a scenario, there is the need for robust cyber security solutions.

As per latest forecast from Gartner, Inc., the worldwide spending on information security products and services will reach more than $114 billion in 2018, an increase of 12.4 percent from last year. In the 2017 Gartner survey, it was revealed that ‘the top three drivers for security spending are (1) security risks; (2) business needs; and (3) industry changes. Privacy concerns are also becoming a key factor.’

What is the situation when it comes to IT security in Dubai and UAE?

The situation of IT security in Dubai and UAE is rather grim because as per statistics, in the first quarter of 2019, a total of 1,101,745 phish attacks were recorded in the UAE. Of which, an average of 12,141 threats were received daily. As for mobile, malware attacks reached 52,607 during the first quarter of 2019, which is actually an increase of 20 percent compared to 2018.

What act as challenges to ensuring endpoint security in UAE?

First and foremost is the lack of cyber awareness and security knowledge among employees when it comes to ensuring endpoint security. And with the emergence of new technologies like block chain and IoT, the threat vectors have evolved.

Besides, due to the availability of critical data anywhere and everywhere i.e. from mobile devices to the cloud, the cyber criminals are having a field day. And the lack of security awareness among employees makes them an easy target for the cyber criminals. The lack of awareness in cyber security means unauthorized access for the cyber criminals.

How to ensure endpoint security management?

When it comes to endpoint security management in Dubai and UAE, there are several providers of cyber security solutions in Dubai. By implementing any of these cyber security solutions by Dubai companies, they can ensure authentication and supervision of access rights to endpoint devices such as laptops, wireless and mobile devices.

Since when the corporate network is accessed via remote devices makes it a possible entry point for security threats, sufficient security policies need to be implemented to prevent external and internal threats. However, considering the cost of cyber security solutions, most of them back away from implementing the same.

How do we choose best provider of IT security and solutions in Dubai?

Dutecs is one of the leading providers of IT security and solutions in Dubai and UAE having years of experience and deep expertise in providing state of the art solutions to its customers. Moreover, having been in the industry for quite a long time, Dutecs is well aware of the issues faced by companies when it comes to cyber security.

Hence, as a part of providing endpoint security service in Dubai, they have partnered with best endpoint security solution providers in Dubai and UAE. These include endpoint security solution provider Sophos, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and so on. These solutions can help to curb cyber security for unauthorized access effectively.

What are the benefits you can get with Dutecs and Endpoint Security Protection?

When it comes to Sophos Dubai organizations would get an effective cyber security solution that comes with antispyware, antivirus, host intrusion prevention, firewalling, device control, application control, and network access control. It can ensure protection against advanced threats like crypto mining, ransomware, bots, hacks and worms etc. It checks security status from firewall to endpoint and comes with one click lock down feature for server protection. With Sophos Dubai companies get a solution where encryption is always on thereby ensuring automatic data protection. And Dutecs can help you buy Sophos endpoint protection and customize it to meet your requirements.

With Malwarebytes endpoint protection UAE businessmen and corporate can benefit from continuous monitoring and visibility through its seven layered approach that includes application hardening, web protection, application behavior protection, exploit mitigation, payload analysis, anomaly detection machine learning, and ransomware mitigation. As it records every change, during the ransomware attack if the attacker encrypts, deletes or modifies data, malwarebytes can easily roll back the changes. With its quick response, it isolates an attack and automates the remediation and recovery process.

Kaspersky endpoint cloud security for business ensures protection against crypto miners and assures security for diverse environments such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Kaspersky is proactive as it identifies adversaries and stops threats before it can cause serious damage. It is a scalable solution that can adapt to your security needs and help ensure endpoint protection. Kaspersky has come up with a cloud based solution named Kaspersky endpoint security cloud that makes endpoint protection completely easy. You just need to register an account for Kaspersky endpoint security cloud and install the software and you can ensure complete endpoint protection.

And as part of endpoint security service in Dubai, Dutecs can help you buy Sophos endpoint protection, malwarebytes endpoint protection or Kaspersky endpoint security as per your requirements. Well, don’t get deterred by the cost of cyber security solutions because the cost of security breaches would be much much more than you could presume.

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