Ensure Safe & Secure Environment with Infrastructure Solutions

Recently Sharjah Police in cooperation with SCCI has made it mandatory for industrial firms to adopt security measures to improve security of infrastructure solutions in the industrial sector. As part of it, 2,800 industrial companies in Sharjah were asked to install CCTV cameras with the aim of connecting the firms to the police operation room.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the offices were shut and the employees were forced to opt for teleworking. As a result, theft cases dropped sharply during this period. With the aim to maintain such an environment brought forth by the pandemic situation, Sharjah police insisted on CCTV camera installation in industrial firms in Sharjah.

The situation is coming back to normal in UAE and most people are venturing out with the aim to run businesses or work in offices. In such a scenario, there are chances for rise in unlawful activities. So in order to prevent it, the Sharjah police have decided to connect all the industrial firms with police operation room.

As part of the security measures, the police have asked all the industrial companies to install wireless security cameras that provide high quality surveillance and that help monitor a large area. Their suggestions are not limited to installation of CCTV, security systems such as fire alarms installation are also proposed by the police.

Wireless Security Cameras & Security Systems

Compared to buying wireless security cameras and CCTV security systems online, it is always better to take the help of CCTV companies or security system companies in Dubai. CCTV cameras are of different types like Bullet cameras, C-Mount cameras, Dome cameras, Day/Night cameras, Pan Tilt & Zoom cameras, Infrared/Night Vision cameras, wireless cameras, Network/IP cameras to name a few. So CCTV companies are better equipped to suggest the type of camera and the right frequency to meet the requirements.

CCTV Companies in Dubai and UAE

Dutecs, one of the leading infrastructure solutions providing company in Dubai and UAE, offers not just CCTV camera installation in Dubai but also other security systems in and around Dubai. They take into account several aspects such as the area that need to be monitored, lighting considerations, sensor and resolution requirements, technical specifications and so on before finding the best camera to suit your needs.

They have been providing an exemplary service all these years. They have created a niche in the market through their professionalism and hard work.

Apart from CCTV installation, Dutecs also provide different IT solutions in Dubai that include structured cabling services, networking solutions and door access control system in Dubai.

Infrastructure Solutions – Structured Cabling Solutions

Dutecs has created a name for itself as a structured cabling company. We know that structured cabling is the pillar of strength of networking infrastructure.

We make sure that through our structured cabling services the companies could meet their data demand not only at present but also in future. Through our best in class structured cabling services, we promise you uninterrupted business operations and increased uptime.

Today a robust networking infrastructure is important for businesses and industrial firms to efficiently meet the challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic.

Door Access Control System in Dubai & UAE

When it comes to creating a safer environment, door access control systems have an important role. Tailgating is widely used social engineering tactic by unauthorized people to gain access to restricted areas.

Usually, a security check or approval from the front desk is required in some companies to gain entry. But by striking up conversation with employees or seeking the help of the employees in holding the door, some people gain access to buildings.

With door access control system especially biometric access control system, tailgating can be stopped as biometric authentication is required to gain entry to premises.

Thus, Dutecs can play a great role in ensuring infrastructure solutions for a safe and secure environment in shops, industrial firms and other organizations. Connect with Dutecs today itself.

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