Ensuring Optimum Cyber Security amid Covid-19 Pandemic with Dutecs

Covid-19 pandemic and the WHO guidelines of imposing lockdown and practicing social distancing has forced most companies to look for alternate means to conduct business. Hence, remote working has been embraced by many companies. Not only that, on realizing the financial benefits of allowing employees to work from home, many companies have decided to continue with remote working even if the situation returns to a new normal.

Though the companies could cut down infrastructure costs, ensuring optimum cyber security is a major headache. Studies show that there has been a spike in malspams, ransomware and phishing attacks. WHO even reported fivefold increase in cyber-attacks.

So how to deal with the situation?

Covid-19 pandemic has affected 213 countries and territories around the world. According to WHO, there are more than 5 million confirmed cases. So with Coronavirus going stronger and stronger with each passing day, returning to the pre-pandemic situation is out of question. In such a scenario, remote working seems to be the only plausible way by which companies can ensure business continuity during the crisis.

Providing and managing IT solutions with an in-house IT team would make things complicated. So it is always better to take the support of the IT solutions providers in Dubai and UAE.

How partnering with a cyber security provider in Dubai helps?

You need to partner with an experienced cyber security provider in Dubai as they would have an array of solutions to help you wade through innumerable challenges that you have to face when you have employees working remotely. Dutecs is one such company that offers cloud services in Dubai and UAE.

With Dutecs as your partner, you need not worry about data backup & recovery, online storage, and endpoint protection to name a few. This is because Dutecs has partnered with online storage company, data backup and recovery company and also cyber security company in Dubai.

What solutions do Dutecs offer when it comes to data backup and recovery?

To back up data in Dubai Dutecs offers cloud services that facilitate online storage for business. For that Dutecs has partnered with Dropbox business in Dubai. Being the Dropbox partner, Dutecs has been able to provide its clients with a solution that makes data storage easily manageable. Besides, the data backup and recovery needs vary from business to business.

Hence, Dutecs has partnered with Acronis and Symantec Backup so that you can use the solution that best meet your requirements. Thus, Dutecs helps you come up with a robust and comprehensive backup disaster recovery (BDR) strategy that includes solutions namely data recovery solutions, backup and data protection solutions and backup and restore solutions.

How does Dutecs ensure optimum cyber security?

Considering the alarming increase in cyber attacks, Dutecs ensures to provide optimum security by playing multiple roles such as Kaspersky endpoint cloud provider, Sophos endpoint protection provider and Malwarebytes endpoint solutions provider in Dubai. With the help of these solutions, businesses can easily ensure network security, device security and program security.

By entrusting Dutecs with the responsibility of ensuring cyber security, businesses get ample time to focus on their core competencies. Thus, amid Covid-19 pandemic, you can easily continue your business as there is Dutecs to ensure cyber security.

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