Get Security, Availability and Connectivity with IT Infrastructure Services from Dutecs

Enterprises and organizations need a highly responsive IT infrastructure to achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Outsourcing IT infrastructure services is the best approach to cope with it. This is because overhauling outdated infrastructure, (re)building and (re)designing new infrastructure, or even integrating with latest tools and technologies, on the other hand, would undoubtedly divert your attention away from your key skills. Outsourcing IT infrastructure services is the best approach to cope with it.

IT Infrastructure Services

Security, availability, and connectivity are the three pillars of enterprise infrastructure. Organizations would obtain complete infrastructure services and solutions by depending on leading security systems firms in Dubai and providers of access control and structured cabling in Dubai. This allows them to run, operate, and perform the different basic activities more efficiently without consuming too much of the time.

Structured Cabling in Dubai

Structured cabling connects servers, switches, and storage units in a hierarchical network. It’s a vast network of connections, tools, and equipment that adheres to industry standards such as TIA-942-A and ISO 24764. The network topology is separated into different sections called MDAs in structured cabling (Main Distribution Areas). As a result of the precisely connected cables, structured cabling is better organized. This allows for simple maintenance and upgrades with a lower risk of human error.

The modern IT environment is multi-product and multi-vendor. When moving, expanding, and modifying voice, video, data, and various other management systems of the building, it is vital to guarantee that the building’s connectivity does not cause additional downtime or interruptions. Structured cabling makes this feasible since it assures consistent performance regardless of whether you upgrade to a new model or vendor.

Future applications can also be integrated with structured cabling, with little or no troubleshooting concerns. Partnering with the best-of-breed structured cabling suppliers in Dubai can thus aid in reducing operational costs as well as future costs.

CCTV Installation in Dubai/UAE

Be it crime, insider attacks, or social engineering, CCTVs are an excellent deterrent. Surveillance cameras placed in strategic positions can also aid in the monitoring of activity both inside and outside the company. This aids in the identification of offenders participating in illegal activity on the premises. However, with hundreds of CCTV and security camera models to choose from, selecting the best option can be challenging.

Furthermore, each model has a distinct function. Getting in contact with competent CCTV installation firms in the UAE will enable you in setting up and installing CCTV security camera systems and other surveillance cameras in the proper locations to ensure optimal coverage. They also take care of repair and maintenance of the CCTVs.

Access Control System in Dubai/UAE

Not only has technology advanced, but so have social engineering approaches. The attackers carry out extensive operations to obtain confidential information. One of the most widely utilized social engineering strategies to gain unauthorized access to a building or workplace is physical security breaches, such as tailgating.

Unauthorized people can’t get into restricted locations if you have a good access control system in place. Some of these access control systems have lockdown and even alarm features that alert security staff to unlawful access.


Dutecs is one of Dubai’s leading IT infrastructure companies in Dubai, ensuring that your IT infrastructure’s base is strong, reliable, and secure enough to handle any workload.

We ensure that your network is fully functioning, quick, dependable, and secure. We give you with a well-planned power and data cabling solution with our structured cabling services in Dubai. We guarantee that any technical issues, such as Wi-Fi troubles, mismatched cables, downtime, or repetitive malfunctions, will not cause you any inconvenience.

Dutecs is also skilled in providing security and networking solutions. Hacking, cyber-attacks, and insider attacks have virtually become the standard in today’s world, thus IT organizations in the UAE must take a proactive rather than reactive approach. As a result, security solutions such as access control systems, office surveillance camera systems, and so on are essential, and Dutecs can assist you with this. We supply you with all of the IT infrastructure services and support you’ll need, from choosing the correct type of CCTV to installing it, so you can have a reliable office surveillance system.

With the need of security and continuous connectivity increasing, having the help of experts in the industry can help minimize the numerous issues. Connect with the best in the field when it comes to IT infrastructure solutions.

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