Manage Business Smartly Amid Covid-19 Pandemic with Dutecs’ IT Solutions in Dubai

The pandemic caused by coronavirus has definitely destabilized the world. Covid 19 considered a minor flu in the initial stages turned into a harbinger of doom with the death toll rising to two lakhs worldwide. Being an infectious disease that spreads through contact and with no vaccines in the horizon, social distancing is the only way to prevent the disease from spreading and causing more havoc.

The companies have to come up with creative ways to handle the present predicament of ensuring employee safety and business continuity. The IT industry has been the first to react by proposing work from home option and successfully managing it till now. When it comes to IT solutions Dubai service providers like Dutecs have been doing a remarkable job by providing 24/7 IT services and cloud services in Dubai.

What are the important cloud services in Dubai that Dutecs offer?

Considering the fact that most employees are working from home, Dutecs offers varied technological options to meet the challenges brought forth by the Covid 19 pandemic. When it comes to data backup & recovery in all around UAE, We always offer the best professional cloud storage services to customers.

The online storage helps you to back up your data in Dubai or any parts of UAE where you are put up. Microsoft Azure cloud offers the best cloud storage solution that comes up with enhanced scalability and accessibility features.

What other IT services are offered by Dutecs in Dubai?

The varied IT services in Dubai offered by Dutecs include Microsoft Office 365, Zoho Books, Zoho mails, Google Workspace (GSuite), Dropbox Business, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, Sophos Endpoint Security, and so on. These IT solutions in Dubai and UAE help meet the needs of the organizations whether big or small.

And you will get different billing options depending upon your usage. Dutecs offers the best solutions and always look forward to partner with the leading players in the IT field so as to make business easier, smarter, simpler and faster for clients.

How does Dutecs help you to effectively backup your data & ensure faster data recovery?

For data backup and recovery UAE companies need to implement effective technologies to ensure not just data security but faster data recovery. With Microsoft Azure cloud, Dutecs offers strong data security features in the form of cyber security controls, multiple compliance certifications, and user-friendly services such as multi-factor authentication and application password requirements. Besides, this online storage solution keeps multiple copies of data in the same location or multiple geographic locations there by ensuring faster data recovery.

With remote work here to stay, how does Dutecs’ IT solutions help in making work smoother, swifter and smarter?

Dutecs offers different solutions from Microsoft such as subscription plans like Office 365 Business, Personal, Enterprise and Home and products like Microsoft 365. With Microsoft 365, you would get a unique product incorporated with Office 365, Windows 10 and enterprise mobility and security.

This technology assures customers with anytime anywhere access, 99.9% uptime, optimal security, free upgrades and updates, and a panoply of services, to name a few.

Dutecs also provides all productivity apps from Google in one package known as Google suite/gsuite.

When it comes to email hosting, Dutecs has Zoho mails to offer that come integrated with Zoho Docs, word processor, spread sheets, presentations and so on.

How Dutecs helps to keep finances in check?

Dutecs offers accounting management software for companies and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).  Zoho Books is VAT accounting software that displays all the relevant details in your bills and invoices that the government demands for. Instead of purchasing small business accounting software, it is always better to go for accounting management software that is highly flexible and scalable so that as your company grows the VAT accounting software is able to meet your needs.

Compared to ERP accounting software like Zoho Books helps businesses to centralize all their operations. From quotes, sales orders, estimates, invoices, inventory, work orders to process automation, this large and small business accounting software gives you great results.

Thus, with Dutecs varied IT solutions in dubai, which helps you manage your business operations more effectively even when staying home amid Covid 19 pandemic.

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