Microsoft Improving the Features of Office 365 Suite to assist Telecommuters

As the coronavirus pandemic is going unabated, it is more or less sure that telecommuting is here to stay. Though companies were unsure about the feasibility of telecommuting in the long run, they had no choice but to make arrangements for the same due to the pandemic. IT infrastructure solution provider companies in Dubai such as Dutecs have been quite helpful in making this transition quite smooth and effortless for the companies.

Well, contrary to popular opinion, telecommuting helped in increasing productivity to a great extent. After the pandemic, the percentage of workforce continuing with telecommuting might change but the apprehensions of companies regarding telecommuting would be abated for sure.

How does Dutecs help in meeting the telecommuting needs of the people?

Dutecs is an IT infrastructure solution provider based in Dubai providing end-to-end IT services and solutions to enterprises. During the pandemic, Dutecs ensured that all the employees remain connected by providing them with collaboration and communication tools powered by the cloud.  Dutecs provided employees with easy to access IT solutions and services that promised productivity and cost savings to enterprises. With cyber criminals on the prowl, accessing data from different networks is not at all secure. We provide a safe and secure environment for the employees to ensure business agility.

What are the different cloud solutions offered by Dutecs?

Dutecs offer an array of cloud solutions that help ensure increased productivity, flexibility and efficiency. Microsoft Office 365 suite, Microsoft Azure Cloud, GSuite, Zoho books and Zoho mail are some of the cloud solutions that Dutecs offer for its clients and customers. Though every solution has its share of pros and cons, Dutecs ensure that none of its clients are affected by the negatives of the product or the solution. We come up with effective techniques to reduce the complexities of the cloud solution.

What Dutecs has in store for you?

Dutecs plans to improve its services by bringing to you the proposed changes of Microsoft in its products without any hitches and glitches. With telecommuting growing, Microsoft is looking at options of improving the features of its products such as Microsoft Office 365 suite. Some of the changes that would be rolled out soon are the Large Gallery feature which would show 49 people on the screen. This would come extremely useful for teachers as well as in business meetings with 10 or more participants. There is also the ‘Together Mode’ view that puts all the 49 people in the same shared space rather than a grid view. This would make meetings much livelier as all the participants can see each other.  Well, Microsoft is planning more changes in the coming weeks and months. Well, not just Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Azure Cloud might also undergo drastic changes to keep up with the times.

As for GSuite, Google has converted it into a productivity suite by integrating video chat, messaging, virtual meeting rooms, real time collaboration, shared file access into Gmail. GSuite doesn’t allow unauthorized users to connect to online classrooms and disrupt the class by “zoombombing”. They have also added new security features.

When it comes to Zoho, it has been upgraded to grow sales and revenue.

With remote working culture becoming popular, Microsoft, Google, and Zoho are doing all that they can to provide maximum support to its users during the pandemic. And Dutecs are also assuring the same by providing exemplary services to its numerous clients in and around UAE.

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