New Features and Options in Microsoft 365

Good news for all those who like Microsoft 365 as Microsoft is bringing in new features and options that has already been rolled down or would be done in March 2021. Microsoft 365 is a popular product that includes collaboration tools, the Office suite of Microsoft Office 365 productivity apps, security & cloud services. It a subscription-based productivity software suite that has a line of subscription services for home, business and enterprise. Dutecs, one of the leading IT services company in Dubai, has focused on providing varied IT services that include structured cabling, cyber security, access control system, small business accounting software and so on. Dutecs has been providing cloud IT services such as Microsoft 365 for many of its clients in and around UAE. Here is a look at some of the features and options that Microsoft is planning to bring in new Microsoft 365:

  • Microsoft Accounting Advanced Audit Options

    Microsoft allows you to retain audit logs in all Exchange, SharePoint and Azure Active Directory audit records for one year, which can be increased to 10 years on purchasing the license. This would allow firms to comply easily with regulatory, legal, and internal obligations. Microsoft has also replaced MessageBind with MailItemsAccessed, which helps you to figure out the extent of breach. Thus, it proves to be one of the best accounting software.
  • Replace Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 Web Browser
    Microsoft would end support for Microsoft Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 web browser and that means these could no longer support Microsoft 365 apps. Microsoft recommends the new Microsoft Edge as the compatible browser for Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Creates New Widgets for Simplify Tasks in iOS 14
    Microsoft creates new widgets such as My Day, Tasks and Add Task to simplify the method to access, review, and maintain critical tasks when using iOS 14.
  • Powerful Functionality for Microsoft Teams
    The pop-out tabs and apps feature replaces the old single-window view of apps and tabs, which comes extremely useful for teams working on a low-code/no-code app in Teams and at the same time discussing the project in a Teams call.
  • New Power Apps for Microsoft Teams
    To prevent the chaos of managing too many task tracking apps and information distribution methods, the two new power apps, Milestones and Bulletins, helps manage tasks and sharing company news much easier by bringing everything in a centralized location.
  • Extended Offline Access
  • This feature comes extremely useful for people working in secure or remote environments where internet connectivity is limited or non-existent for longer periods.
  • Microsoft Viva
    Microsoft has introduced a new technology solution called employee experience platforms (EXP) that brings communication, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into an integrated platform. It comes armed with four modules: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, and Viva Topics— to begin with.
  • Ensure Security of Networks and PCs from a Single Location
    New Microsoft 365 can help small business from data breach by providing them the ability to ensure the security of their Windows 10 PCs from a single location.
  • Microsoft Lists
    Robust and flexible list solution, Microsoft Lists help makes task creation and task management simpler and easier. With Microsoft Lists, users can manage simple lists to complex ones with great flexibility.

How can Dutecs help you with it?
Many businesses are not aware of the new features launched by Microsoft to make things easy for its subscribers. Dutecs who has provided exemplary services to its clients in Dubai and UAE can help you with it by customizing solutions as per the needs and requirements of the customers. Connect with Dutecs for all IT-related services and get customized solutions for your business requirements.

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