Nip the Cybersecurity Issues in the Bud with Dutecs

In today’s situation where remote working has become the new normal, cybersecurity attains great importance. According to a recent research article By Eileen Yu for 92% companies adopted new technologies worldwide to facilitate remote work. However, not much progress is seen in ensuring endpoint protection. While 63% adopted new collaboration tools, only measly 46.9% global companies invested in endpoint security tools.

Such an oversight can lead to cyber-attacks, which can prove costly in the long run. Many countries including UAE have seen two-fold increase in malware attacks recently. Dutecs, endpoint security provider in Dubai ensure to provide utmost cybersecurity with the help of its various endpoint security solutions in Dubai and UAE.Enquiry

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What are the major challenges faced by UAE companies with respect to teleworking as a result of Covid pandemic?

Technology has been able to meet the remote working needs by providing panoply of solutions such as video calling platforms, instant communication tools, project management platforms, and digital assistants to name a few. This has helped companies to blur the boundaries of geography and location and thereby maintain continuity of businesses.

The technology has also been able to create a digital workspace for people from different parts of the world to communicate and work together. However, use of these technological solutions creates many loopholes leading to cybersecurity issues such as code injection, data breach, malware infection, denial of Service attack, phishing and so on.

How Dutecs helps companies to nip the nefarious activities of cyber criminals in the bud itself?

Remote working actually throws open innumerable opportunities for criminals to put their plans to action. Most people do not put in place basic cybersecurity measures as they consider themselves to be clever enough to thwart the attempts of the hackers. With their faint knowledge about cyber-attacks they consider themselves to be immune to these attacks.

But cyber criminals are too smart who continuously evolve sophisticated methods to steal critical data or make money. Dutecs foils the plans of cyber attackers with its array of business solutions that help companies to keep cyber attackers at bay.

What are the different business solutions that Dutecs offers to ensure optimum security?
The myriad business solutions software offered by Dutecs includes Sophos Endpoint Security, Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, and Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. Endpoint Security refers to securing entry points or endpoints of laptops, desktops, mobiles etc. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security provides continuous monitoring and visibility. Its seven layered approach comprising of application hardening, web protection, application behaviour protection, exploit mitigation, payload analysis anomaly detection machine learning, and ransomware mitigation.

Sophos Endpoint Security, on the other hand, is an antispyware, antivirus, firewalling, host intrusion prevention, device control, application control, and network access control solution that ensures endpoint protection. While Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud provides greater cloud visibility and also blocks access to unauthorized and unnecessary cloud resources. Sophos’ next generation firewalls provide protection against threats such as drive-by downloads, botnets and so on.

Next generation firewall features include application awareness and control, deep learning and intrusion prevention, and automatic threat response to name a few. Thus, these endpoint security solutions provide a decentralized solution to protect endpoints.

What is the importance of network access control?

Network access control is important to ensure that non compliant and insecure devices are not able to access the network and thereby cause harm. Just as a biometric access control system that collects biometric data from a person (like fingerprint, retina, face recognition etc.) to prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel in a controlled area, network access control helps protect the network from getting infected.

Another similar solution is time attendance system, which can offer access control option as well. This helps not only to know the exact working time of the resources but also allows entry and exit. When it comes to time attendance software and biometric access control system, installation to maintenance would be done by Dutecs.

Dutecs has been able to ensure client satisfaction by providing services as per the needs and requirements of the client. That is why we are the leading provider of endpoint security.

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