Reduce Network Downtime with Dutecs Structured Cabling Services

In today’s trying times, technology is the only hope on which the fate of many companies hangs. A slight misstep and all the hard earned success and growth would disappear in a second. With Covid 19 pandemic showing no sign of declining and with almost all working from home, it becomes important that the cabling system of data centers, offices or apartment buildings meet standards and specifications.

Dutecs, one of the leading providers of IT infrastructure solutions in Dubai and UAE, offer comprehensive structured cabling services for all types of infrastructure.

What makes structured cabling important?

Whatever be the kind of infrastructure, the cabling system should support effective transmission of data, voice, and video and also should efficiently manage systems such as energy system, safety alarms, security access and so on.

If the cabling done is not right then it leads to costly errors, and loss of productivity and effort.  And with time being money, a small downtime can bring forth huge repercussions. It can even drive a company out of business as outages and downtime come with huge legal and financial implications. As per the research done by Statista, the average hourly cost of critical server outages, according to a 2019 survey is between $301,000 and $400,000 U.S. dollars.

How Dutecs has created a niche for itself in the structured cabling market in Dubai?

There are several smaller elements that need to be taken care of in order to have a cabling system that not only performs greatly but also requires very less maintenance. In structured cabling, there are six subsystems namely horizontal cabling, backbone cabling, work area, telecommunications closet, equipment room and entrance facility. Dutecs strictly follows solid benchmarks and never compromise on that.

Hence, when it comes to the design, management and operation of cabling system, we stick to structured cabling specifications and industry standards. This has helped Dutecs to reduce network downtime, flow disruptions, outages and failures to a great extent. And today Dutecs is one of the sought after structured cabling companies in Dubai.

What role does Dutecs play in the success and growth of the business?

The cabling system is the very core of the success of any business. An effective cable management system helps in distribution of power, effective connectivity between devices and networks, providing safety, data transfer and communication, and so on.

The professional team at Dutecs at first come up with a fool proof design by considering different aspects such as airflow, cooling, patch ways, type of cables and so on. Then we choose the right devices based on the needs and requirements of each client. And when it comes to bend radius and fibre raceway, we take the right decisions that ensure the strength of the data signal and reduction of congestion.

Similarly, we take apt decisions to improve network performance, reduce power consumption, decrease cost, and increase transmission speed of data to name a few. We also provide IT support AMC for Dubai companies and enterprises. As part of our IT annual maintenance contract, we keep track of repair and maintenance schedules.

Thus, Dutecs has become one of the leading structured cabling companies in Dubai for our extreme proficiency, commitment, professionalism and quality of work.

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