Top 3 Gains of Choosing IT Solutions in Dubai

Outsourcing IT solutions in Dubai or having an in-house IT infrastructure, which would be the best option in today’s highly competitive business environment. Let’s find out.

According to  Gartner, “IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes.”

IT Solutions provider in Dubai

Running a business, whether big or small is no easy task. If your focus is on achieving business goals and ensuring sales growth, then issues like faulty networks, failed backups, storage limitations make the running of your business a herculean task. In today’s competitive landscape, these issues create hurdles to achieving success. Most people believe that having an in-house IT infrastructure can help solve these issues. But is it so?

Let’s compare in-house IT infrastructure with managed IT solutions in Dubai.

  • Costs vs. Savings
    In-House IT InfrastructureYou need to have an IT team to manage different aspects of your IT infrastructure. The cost of maintaining an in-house IT team to manage your IT infrastructure is expensive. The IT team has a huge task cut out for them. The team is responsible for providing critical software patches, addressing support tickets, providing solutions to non-technical team members, and so on. With technology advancing rapidly, it becomes difficult for your IT team to keep pace with the new trends and technologies. Besides, your IT team needs to undergo continuous training and certification programs to be up to date with the latest technologies. In such a scenario, you have to expand your IT team, which will add a cost burden upon you. And you have to pay more when your IT team supports you during weekends or after hours.
    Managed IT Solutions in Dubai
    When it comes to outsourcing IT solutions in Dubai to manage your IT needs, the first and foremost benefit is that you need not maintain an in-house IT team. You can focus your attention on growing your business. You would get a team of experts who have experience and expertise in the latest technologies. The services of these experts are available 24/7 and provide support and emergency services at nights, weekends, and holidays without paying them extra. They respond to you positively and get prompt service as they want to keep your business. Moreover, the provider would take care of the training and certification of the team. So, you need not spend an additional amount on it.
  • Inflexibility vs. Scalability
    In-House IT InfrastructureBusinesses having an in-house IT infrastructure need to spend more money to purchase additional hardware and upgrades to handle the increased load. And the amount you invested would go down the drain if the requirement of the increased load is for only a few weeks or a couple of months.
    Managed IT Solutions in Dubai
    As for outsourcing IT Solutions in Dubai, you get the flexibility to scale up or down as required. Another significant benefit is that you need to pay only for the services you use.
  • Security and Compliance
    In-House IT InfrastructureThough in-house IT infrastructure is considered secure, it has its share of issues. First of all, your in-house team should include resources that specialize in IT security. Otherwise, you would be putting your sensitive data at grave risk. You need to implement advanced security methods and tools to deal with sophisticated cybercriminals. There should be round-the-clock monitoring to prevent potential intrusions. It calls for massive investment in cybersecurity to safeguard digital assets.Managed IT Solutions in DubaiOutsourcing IT solutions in Dubai ensures utmost security as the IT solutions provider will make the best security recommendations and implement the right security strategies to ensure security. The IT solutions provider in Dubai ensures to maintain updates of essential security software, monitors and flags unusual activity, takes optimum security measures to prevent hacking, to name a few. You need not worry about updating the firewall, auditing of workstations and servers, implementation and maintenance of PCI security standards, and other regulatory compliance as all would be taken care of by the IT solutions provider in Dubai.

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