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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Dubai, UAE

BPO services or Business Process Outsourcing refers to outsourcing of business activities that are part of an organization’s non-core activities. By outsourcing, organizations can focus their attention in developing and fostering their core business processes.

They can retain their speed and agility in ensuring on time delivery, as the reins of the non-core or administrative processes that are known to create bottlenecks are given to experts in the field who can handle it deftly.

By outsourcing business processes that are mundane and time consuming to Dutecs, you can invest your time, resources, and efforts in carrying out business processes efficiently, which eventually help ensure customer satisfaction as well as improved customer loyalty.

Dutecs helps with both back office outsourcing comprising of internal business activities such as human resources, finance or accounting and front office outsourcing such as customer-related services.

What are the Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO Services) ?

    • Cost reduction

      Through its low operational costs, organizations can significantly improve their bottom line. Moreover, certain processes necessitate the need to hire new resources and training them. Through business process outsourcing, operational, recruitment and training costs can be significantly reduced.

    • Productivity growth

      Many of the processes are repetitive and monotonous in nature. By outsourcing these activities, organizations can focus on core operational areas, which eventually lead to productivity improvement.

    • Strategic advantage

      BPOs have direct contact with customers. Hence, they receive first hand feedback from the customers regarding products and services, which helps organizations to make improvisations. Besides, they offer 24 X 7 service support which is very important when it comes to customer service related operations.

    • Business risk mitigation

      Even if the business processes are non-core, there are risks associated with it. By outsourcing, organizations can shift the responsibilities to specialists in the field who can plan risk mitigation more efficiently.

    • Utilization improvement

      Experienced resources are forced to carry out non-core activities, which truly affect their productivity. Outsourcing mundane activities help with effective resource utilization.

    • Superior competency

      BPOs comprise of experienced resources having the technical expertise and sophisticated technology access to manage non-core activities.

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