Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems - Prevent Unauthorized Access to your valuables

Technological advancements have brought far-reaching benefits for all businesses. Not only has it helped companies to reach new heights but has also helped in blurring boundaries of geography and location. With new technological initiatives such as BYOD and IoT unlocking a world of possibilities that also facilitate greater communication and effective remote collaboration, businesses have become more agile, adaptable, and efficient.

Access Control Systems

However, this has led to sharp rise in cyber security threats and breaches as hackers use the same means to infiltrate systems and devices. Though heavy focus has been put in implementing measures to ensure information security, physical security has not been receiving the attention that it truly deserves.

Physical security is most often overlooked to reduce costs. But the fact of the matter is data breaches are not always done remotely; unlocked and unattended servers, desktops, laptops can lead to theft and accidental exposure of sensitive data. That’s what access control systems are for. Digital door access, biometric access, alarms, CCTVs are some of the means by which physical security is ensured.

An access control system is one of the most effective ways to ensure physical security and thereby prevent data breach. Apart from restricting the movement of intruders from accessing office devices and confidential information, it is also a great means for assuring safety and security for authorized personnel.

With an access control system, you can grant/deny access, restrict access or provide limited access to employees. This makes access control systems indispensable in ensuring security.

Being in the cyber security arena for years, Dutecs thoroughly understands the need for ensuring not just cyber security but also physical security to combat the hackers.

Hence, apart from cyber security solutions, we provide physical security solutions to protect your company from thefts, robbery, data breaches and outside intruders.

At Dutecs, we combine the finest practices and processes with state of the art technologies to maximize security and return on investment. We ensure to provide solutions based on the size of the organization and its security levels.

Access Control Systems & Solutions

With the threat landscape constantly evolving, Dutecs ensures to provide cutting edge technology that are customized to meet the access control requirements of the organization regardless of the location, size, timings and layouts. By partnering with Dutecs for comprehensive access control system Dubai, you benefit from:

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