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Get Instant Time to Value with Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Malwarebytes Endpoint protection is anti-malware software that provides real time protection. Combining multiple layers of technology, it scans and eliminates rogue security software, adware, and spyware. A better cybersecurity protection which is available in two versions – Malwarebytes Premium and free version, it is designed for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Some Basic Features / Benefits of Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

    • Ensure Endpoint Performance

      Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Response with detection and response capabilities provides continuous visibility into endpoints. It provides Multi-Vector Protection (MVP) that uses a seven layered approach, including both static and dynamic detection techniques.

    • Get Powerful Insights

      Malwarebytes provides continuous monitoring and visibility, which helps to track file system activity, network activity, process activity, and registry activity of Windows desktops.

    • Rollback Changes

      Malwarebytes records every change so that if any process goes wrong or if there is a ransomware attack, you can easily restore files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified by rolling back those changes.

    • Endpoint Isolation

      When an endpoint is compromised, Malwarebytes isolates endpoint in three ways – Network isolation, Process isolation, and Desktop isolation. This quick remediation helps to lock out the remote attackers and also keeps the system online for detailed analysis.

    • Prevention to Response

      Malwarebytes Cloud Platform helps secure critical data by integrating with security and IT systems. This helps siloed IT teams to easily discover and secure any endpoint on their network. Thus, Malwarebytes endpoint protection with cloud login provides you with instant time to value.

    • Prevent Access

      Malwarebytes ensures web protection by preventing access to malicious websites, ad networks, scammer networks, and bad neighborhoods.

    • Complete Remediation

      Malwarebytes removes not just the primary threat payload but also all traces of infections and related artifacts with its proprietary signature less Linking Engine technology. This is a great time saver which would otherwise have been spent on wiping and re-imaging endpoints.

    • Multi Vector Protection

      Malwarebytes ensures endpoint protection with its seven layered approach that comprises of web protection, application hardening, exploit mitigation, application behaviour protection, anomaly detection machine learning, payload analysis and ransomware mitigation.

    • Faster Response

      Malwarebytes allows active and quick response to a threat by isolating an attack in progress and automating the remediation and recovery of the affected endpoint.

    • Create Resilient Security Posture

      With advanced polymorphic threats targeting the endpoint, Malwarebytes’ multiple layers of technology apply at various points in the attack chain to thwart the attacks.

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