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Comprehensive and Robust Security Solutions from Sophos

As per Sophos’ ‘The State of Ransomware 2021’ global survey, the average overall cost of ransomware recovery has more than doubled today, rising from $761,106 in 2020 to $1.85 million in 2021. And the average amount paid for a ransom is $170,404. This is a harsh reality that the businesses have to live with and there is no prospect of the situation improving anytime soon. So the only option out there is to improve the security landscape. And Sophos provides a wide array of solutions to prevent the cybercriminals, fraudsters and hackers from having a field day.  Sophos products that help you to not just ensure endpoint security, network security, cloud security or messaging security but create a cybersecurity ecosystem for your business. Sophos believes in simple security and hence Sophos endpoint security products are not complex but robust enough to secure every endpoint of your network, from laptops to virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices to the Cloud.

So here is a look at the full gamut of products from Sophos:

  • Intercept X Endpoint
    It prevents ransomware, fileless attacks, exploits, malware and other latest cyber security threats from infecting your endpoint devices. Intercept X carries out in-depth IT operations and threat hunting.
  • Intercept X for Server
    It protects your servers against the most recent cyber-threats. It comes with features such as application whitelisting, file integrity monitoring and providing provides insights about your cloud environment.
  • Sophos XDR
    XDR or Extended Detection and Response collects information from multiple security tools to protect your IT infrastructure through threat detection, investigation, and response.
  • Sophos UTM
    It makes use of next-gen cloud sandboxing technology that detects evasive threats swiftly and accurately before it penetrates your network.
  • Sophos Labs Intelix
    It is an API driven platform that easily integrates with any application and thereby enables the app to identify, classify, and prevent threats.
  • Sophos Mobile
    It protects mobile devices and corporate data safe and secure from latest mobile threats.
  • Sophos Firewall
    It blocks suspicious traffic automatically, detects risky behavior, defuse advanced threats, and stops lateral threat movement by isolating compromised devices.
  • Sophos ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access)
    It helps protect important networked applications and files by controlling its access.
  • Sophos Wireless
    It monitors the health status of connected endpoint and mobile clients and acts when required thus eliminating risks to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Sophos MTR (Managed Threat Response)
    It investigates unusual behavior and takes action against threats round the clock.
  • Sophos Rapid Response
    Whether an infection, a security breach, or unauthorized access, it identifies and neutralizes active threats in an exceptionally short amount of time.
  • Refactr
    It’s an automation platform that helps the DevOps and Cybersecurity teams to work collaboratively.
  • Sophos Email
    It keeps email safe from zero-day malware, unwanted applications and ransomware. It scans email links before delivery.
  • Sophos Phish Threat
    It provides training and pushing attack simulation covering multiple scenarios for the end users.
  • Cloud Optix
    It gives a comprehensive view of your cloud ecosystem and provides a prioritized list of security issues affecting cloud assets and network traffic with guided remedial solutions.

Some Basic Features / Benefits of Sophos Endpoint Security Software

    • Endpoint Protection

      Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is endpoint security platform that ensures utmost endpoint protection. It provides antivirus, antispyware, host intrusion prevention, firewalling, application control, device control, and network access control. Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced helps you to detect attacks in seconds.

    • Server Lockdown

      Sophos’ Intercept X for Server prevents unsecure programs running on your server and receives alerts if critical files are tampered with.

    • Anywhere Deployment

      Sophos guarantees security of Windows and Linux deployments whether on-premise, in the cloud, virtual machines or hybrid setups.

    • Greater Visibility

      Sophos’ XDR ensures increased visibility of the threat landscape by sourcing information from multiple security products.

    • Prevent Ransomware Attacks

      Sophos ensures detection and termination of malicious encryption processes before it spread throughout your network. It averts both malware and boot record attacks.

    • Managed Threat Response

      Sophos doesn’t stop at threat notification. It nips even the most sophisticated threats in the bud with its dedicated team of threat hunters and response experts. The highly trained team proactively hunts for potential threats, determine its severity and then take action to disrupt, contain, and neutralize threats.

    • Deep Learning Technology

      Sophos products utilizes deep learning technology to identify known and unknown malware without having to rely on signatures.

    • Anomaly Detection

      Sophos uses artificial intelligence to monitor cloud environment that alerts you of any anomalies and prevents configuration changes that could put you at risk.

    • Immediate Response to Active Cyber Attacks

      Sophos’ Rapid Response service is delivered remotely, it comes to play within hours of cyber-attacks and get your business out of danger AEAP.

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