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Data loss of any kind could prove costly for businesses as it can result in compliance fines, penalties, and lawsuit settlements. Today many factors are responsible for data loss such as natural disasters, hardware or software failure, accidental deletion of data, cyber-attacks, and so on. In such a scenario, what is required is a robust and secure data backup and recovery solution.

Acronis data backup solutions help prevent data loss, improve productivity, ensure operational continuity, and safeguard reputation and bottom line. Acronis makes use of integration and automation to power their solutions and thereby ensure data security. Here is a look at the data backup and recovery solutions from Acronis:

  • Acronis Cyber Backup
    It provides businesses with the much needed cyber security across physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile environments. It minimizes data loss by backing up as frequently as you want without affecting performance and productivity.
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
    It comes armed with backup, AI based anti-malware, antivirus and endpoint protection. Thus it integrates cybersecurity, data protection and management to protect endpoints, systems and data. You can add advanced protection packs such as Advanced Security, Advanced Backup, Advanced Disaster Recovery, Advanced Email Security, Advanced File Sync and Share, and Advanced Management to increase cyber protection capabilities.
  • Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery
    It is a cloud based recovery solution for Acronis Cyber Backup. Whether the data and the systems is in the cloud, on-premise, physical or virtual environment, in the event of an outage, it quickly failover to the cloud thereby getting back into business in minutes.

What are the Benefits of Acronis Cyber Backup ?

    • Payment Models

      Acronis Cyber Backup and Recovery solutions are available in (storage) consumption-based or per-workload licensing models. It involves no infrastructure costs and you get upgrades, maintenance, and technical support at no extra cost.

    • Multiple Storage Solutions

      Acronis offers multiple storage options for cyber backup such as Acronis Cloud, private cloud, public cloud, and local network storage.

    • More Workloads

      A single console protects more than 20 workload types that include Microsoft SQL Server clusters, Microsoft Exchange clusters, Oracle DBMS Real Application clusters, SAP HANA, Windows, Mac, Linux KVM, Citrix XenServer, VMware, Oracle, Hyper-V, Red Hat Virtualization, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Azure, and Amazon EC2 and so on.

      No Complexities

      Acronis Cyber Protect provides one agent, one management interface, and one license thereby eliminating complexities associated with traditional endpoint protection solutions.

    • Recover Corrupt Data

      Being integrated with anti-malware solutions, Acronis Cyber Protect defends backups from modern cyber threats. It automatically identifies, prevents and recovers quickly from attacks. With behavioral detection, Acronis can easily identify and block zero day threats.

    • All in One Solution

      Acronis Cyber Product comes integrated with multiple protection technologies such as anti-malware protection with data backup and endpoint protection management. This not only protects data from the latest cybersecurity threats but also increases productivity and lowers TCO. The comprehensive solution helps to get rid of protection gaps found when juggling disparate tools.

    • Flip of a Switch Disaster Recovery

      Acronis comes with flip-of-a-switch disaster recovery that facilitates quick fall over to the cloud in the event of a disaster. This helps you to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

    • Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

      Unprotected data can lead to data loss, which could invite legal hassles. With Acronis data backup software you can easily scan client’s machines to check whether there are any unprotected files, applications, and workloads. Acronis automatically tracks protection status of files, workloads and folders of clients and alerts you of any failings.

    • Ensure Non Stop Protection

      Acronis facilitates continuous data protection by ensuring that the frequently used critical applications are frequently backed up in real time. So if your work is in progress, then the data is continuously backed up.

    • Easy Integration

      Acronis streamlines operations by natively integrating with systems such as RMM and PSA tools, hosting control panels, and billing systems used by service providers. Acronis also facilitates Custom integrations and automation via RESTful APIs and SDKs.

Do you want to keep your company running in the case of a natural or man-made disaster? Do you want your data to be available at all times with no downtime? Do you want to make your backups 2x faster than they are now?

With Acronis cyber backup solutions, Dutecs can ensure all of this.