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Veritas Backup Exec – Reduce Time & Save Storage Costs for Backup & Recovery

Veritas Backup Exec is data protection software that helps customers backup and restore data wherever it resides. Armed with capabilities such as integrated duplication and replication, Veritas Backup software, thus, manages multiple backup servers or multi-drive tape loaders. It comes with built-in DR that recovers an entire server within minutes.

Despite the name change, the product continues to enjoy growth and customer support as it provides an incredible solution to protect mission critical data.

What are the Benefits of Veritas Backup Exec ?

    • Compatible with Any Storage Device

      Veritas is compatible with any storage device including tape, disk and cloud.

    • Fast and Efficient Recovery

      Veritas Backup helps restore granular file or servers directly from backup storage thanks to its intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards. Thus from data, applications, application objects, VMs, workstations, databases, or systems, from an individual file, mailbox item, table object, to an entire server, Veritas Backup Exec can do it all with a few clicks and quick search. You can search mailbox data by subject, SharePoint data by document name or Microsoft SQL databases by name.

    • Protect Entire Infrastructure

      Veritas protects your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, a combination of both or multi-cloud environment. This helps reduce vulnerability and threat of ransomware and thereby ensure compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

    • Greater Visibility

      Veritas gives a greater visibility of your entire backup and recovery infrastructure. This helps you to make smart decisions.

    • Save Costs

      As businesses grow data also grow. This helps solve growing data challenges with its deduplication technique. This helps decrease network traffic, minimize backup windows, and reduce disk space required for storing backup data. And the new deduplication to cloud helps save storage and infrastructure costs.

    • Compatible with Different Software, Cloud and Hardware

      Veritas Backup Exec easily integrates with software such as VMware, Hyper-V virtualization, vSphere, Windows, Linux operating systems and various cloud environments such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud storage and so on.

    • Different Licensing Options

      Veritas Backup software is available for purchase in either up-front perpetual or subscription based licensing model. Available in three editions – Bronze provides the most economic option, Silver offers the most-used features and Gold includes all the features and functionality available in the software.

Want to know how Veritas Backup Exec helps reduce downtime, mitigate risk and eliminate business disruption?

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