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Why we required Cyber Security than before !

ICT or Information and Communications Technology is a broad term comprising of online solutions that help organizations in carrying out their business processes more efficiently. In today’s Internet enabled world, organizations face a lot of issues impeding project progress, which divert their attention from their core competencies. Dutecs, through its sophisticated solutions, allows organizations to focus on value added business activities and processes.


Cyber Security

Growing digitalization and technological advancements have opened up new business opportunities for organizations. But at the same time it has led to massive rise in cyber-attacks. Each technological innovation has been exploited by the cyber attackers to find new ways to gain access to critical personal data, assets and intellectual property.


Back up & Disaster Recovery

Disasters are inevitable in the IT arena. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes or incidents such as equipment/hardware failure, human error or cyber-attacks; it is difficult to rule out the possibility of such disasters disrupting business continuity.



With the threat landscape constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, public network or shared network is no longer considered secure. Still people continue to use this network to transmit data unaware that for an attacker every data is valuable and if the data is unencrypted it becomes much more easier for the attacker to manipulate the data for personal gains.



As the world becomes increasingly digitized, there has been exponential growth in big data. Through big data analytics, businesses can easily unlock faster and better means to enhance customer engagement, improve customer loyalty, realize the potential of data driven marketing, sustain business activity, and identify the reasons for issues and failures in real time.