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Google Workspace (G Suite) – Google Productivity Apps for Business Solutions

Google Workspace formerly G Suite, is the availability of all Google Apps in one package. Right from Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, Drive, Sheets, Forms, Docs, Slides, Sites to JamBoard, an interactive whiteboard, and App Maker, this is a wonderful cloud based solution for your business. Google Workspace is a combination of different Google apps that most of you are familiar with but it comes powered with whole lot of new features that meet your business needs.

However, it brings no change in user experience. For instance, Google business email is just a business version of the Gmail but provides the same old user experience that you are accustomed to. The familiarity with the apps is its great advantage as no special training is required to manage Google Workspace.

Google Workspace (G Suite) benefits for your Business Solutions

    • Uptime and downtime

      Google Suite provides 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services and there is no scheduled downtime for Google business mail, which is simply great as emails are extremely important in business.

    • Security

      Google Suite ensures data protection through 2 step verification, encryption (TLS), certificates, audits, and compliance. It also ensures utmost privacy and transparency.

    • Personal email domain and company logo

      Google business email allows you to get custom email with domain name. The professional looking email address would benefit you a lot in business.Also instead of the Google logo, your company logo would be displayed within in the G Suite.

    • Account ownership

      With G Suite, your company will get ownership of employee email accounts, employee created docs, sheets, slides or files so as to eliminate any issues that might crop up when any employee leaves the organization.That means your company would have full access to any data that has been created or stored by any of your employees.

    • Storage capacity

      Google Suite provides 30 GB storage space which can be further upgraded.

    • Video Conferencing

      G Suite allows video chats with up to 25 members. It also facilitates screen sharing, and seamless integration of audio/video feed which greatly improves collaboration.

    • Customer Support

      G Suite’s technical support team is available around the clock providing help and assistance via phone, email or live chat.

    • Hassle free transition

      As most of the people in the organization are familiar with most of the Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs or Drive, transition to G Suite is just one click away. No specific training is required to use any of the apps.

    • Offline

      It comes with offline capabilities so that if you are connected to the internet or not, you can continue with your work.

    • No downloads

      This is easier to set up, access and manage. There is nothing to install; just login to your G Suite account and you are ready to go.

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