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Structured Cabling, CCTV & Access Control Systems

IT Infrastructure Solution, Despite the fact that the Internet has blurred the geographical boundaries and the unprecedented situation, for time being, has resulted in workplace closure measures and teleworking, a strong IT infrastructure is vital for organizations to achieve business goals.

Teleworking is a temporary arrangement to cope up with the situation but it cannot be continued for long for the simple reason that the organization have no way to ensure endpoint security and the smooth running of the business operations.

A robust, secure and reliable infrastructure makes it easy for organizations to ensure data security, which is under threat due to teleworking. Hackers make use of these opportunities to steal data. So organizations need to act smart and put a strong line of defense to protect the corporate data from falling into wrong arms.

Dutecs provides comprehensive IT Infrastructure solution to companies in Dubai that help seal loopholes and provide robust defense against all kinds of cybercrime. These varied infrastructure solutions include structured cabling, access control systems, and CCTV installation. Consult with Dutecs to find out how we can help you in ensuring cyber security even during these trying times.

Structured Cabling Services

With the business environment becoming increasingly competitive, reliability and consistency are what that help companies to stay ahead of competition. And in today’s technological world where most of the devices are IoT (Internet of Things) enabled , rise in the use of smartphones and BYOD culture has led to the demand for wireless connectivity or managed WiFi. Thus , unhindered connectivity becomes the prerequisite for companies to be reliable.

CCTV Camera Security Systems

Technological advancements have made it possible to ensure utmost security to life, assets and property. From business organizations, commercial premises to residential properties, surveillance technology such as security cameras or CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television) have helped in providing higher levels of security whether it is day or night.

Access Control Security Systems

Technological advancements have brought far reaching benefits for all businesses. Not only has it helped companies to reach new heights but has also helped in blurring boundaries of geography and location. With the new technological initiatives such as BYOD and IoT unlocking a world of possibilities that also facilitate greater communication and effective remote collaboration,