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Microsoft Azure earlier known as Windows Azure is a public cloud computing platform comprising of 200 products and cloud services. With business environment becoming highly competitive, having a solution that can easily address the innumerable challenges faced by SMBs and enterprises would make their journey less difficult. Thus with Microsoft Azure cloud server, you can develop and deploy new applications and run old applications very easily.

Being a cloud or hybrid cloud solution, Microsoft Azure allows SMBs to go for a partially or totally cloud-based architecture. It offers enterprises a wide range of tools for developing and managing light weight or multi-tier applications or websites. Thus, SMBs get top notch computational capabilities at an affordable price. Cloud computing relieves enterprises of infrastructure and investment concerns. Besides, automation of IT and operations by Azure makes application development and application maintenance simple and trouble-free. With Azure taking care of back end activities, you need to worry only about development aspects. Thus, with Azure as your partner, you can focus on your core activities and ensure team productivity.

Microsoft Azure helps:

  • Build Virtual Machines
  • Provide SQL relational databases services
  • Offer active directory domain services
  • Create and deploy highly compatible applications
  • Provide Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution
  • Provide safe and secure data storage

With 90 + compliance offerings, a team of 3500 cyber security experts and 8 trillion threat signals analyzed daily, Azure never compromise on privacy.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

    • Budget-friendly

      Microsoft Azure offers three pricing models namely Pay as you go, reserved instances and spot pricing. These models help in properly managing your budget. You could quickly reduce your upfront costs, infrastructure costs, and hardware and maintenance costs with the variety of services and functions offered by Azure server hosting.

    • Improved Security Posture

      Microsoft Azure ensures greater security and privacy of your business assets and data. Multi-layered security, built-in security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, real time global cybersecurity intelligence are some of the state-of-art security delivered by Azure.

    • Auto Scaling

      Microsoft Azure cloud server is known for its ability to auto scale. Thus, it can automatically scale up and down as per business requirements. So you need not worry about Azure running out of capacity.

    • Great Speed

      When it comes to deployment, operation, and scalability, Azure guarantees unparalleled speed, productivity and performance.

    • Global Infrastructure

      Regardless of your financial or technical constraints, Microsoft Azure provides the essential infrastructure for you to quickly build and deploy apps.

    • Azure Automation

      Microsoft Azure allows automation of operations and management activities through multiple external systems.

    • Linux and Windows Compatible

      Whether migrating applications or modernizing applications, Microsoft Azure offers native support for .NET, SQL, Remote Desktop Services and other Windows Server workloads. When it comes to Linux, Azure supports Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Oracle Linux, and Flatcar Linux and so on.

    • High Availability

      Microsoft Azure promises high availability for most of its services. Availability sets, availability zones, fault domain and update domain are the key high availability features of Azure. . It offers a service level agreement, SLA of 99.99% uptime for a virtual machine kept in the availability zone.

    • Storage Services

      Microsoft Azure offers two types of storage accounts, four levels of data redundancy, four types of storage and three tiers for storing files.

    • Flexible application model

      You can create applications in.NET, PHP, Java, node.js, Python, Ruby, or open REST protocols utilizing Microsoft Azure server hosting. Azure offers three App services namely Web App, API App and Logic App.

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