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Freight Forwarding Application (FIN) & Point of Sale ( POS ) Software

Dutecs provides customizable ERP products and applications that help organizations to stay organized by integrating and managing various business processes. Apart from automating tedious and time consuming business activities , our ERP products help businesses both big and small to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and enhance overall efficiency.

Freight Forwarding Application

Businesses involved in logistics management have to plan, manage, and execute various procedures at strategic, operational and tactical levels with respect to movement and storage of goods. They need to make sure that all the functions associated with logistics management right from customer service, sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling, packaging, to assembly are carried out with great precision.

Restaurant POS Software

Customers find it frustrating to wait on food. And longer the customer wait times, greater the customer churn rate. Figure out how many customers you can satisfy if you are able to reduce wait times? Bring a revolutionary change in restaurant management and dining experience with restaurant management POS software from Dutecs that aims to address the inadequacies of the restaurant industry.

Super Market POS Software

Retails, supermarkets, grocery, convenience store, or hypermarket need a comprehensive retail management solution to manage front end and back end operations. Apart from monitoring sales, returns, inventory, payments, lay-bys and cash, the supermarket POS must be able to manage complex processes such as inter-branch transfers and price management.