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Custom Supermarket POS Management Software

Retails, supermarkets, grocery, convenience store, or hypermarket need a comprehensive retail management solution to manage front end and back end operations. Apart from monitoring sales, returns, inventory, payments, lay-bys and cash, the Supermarket Point of Sale (POS) must be able to manage complex processes such as inter-branch transfers and price management.

The retail management software from Dutecs is a fully automated and integrated point of sale software that operates both in online and offline modes. Retails and supermarkets handle hundreds and thousands of products on a daily basis and having a retail management solution that takes care of inventory, product volume and sales data immensely helps in avoiding spoilage, shrinkage, theft, damage, obsolescence, and stock-out.

Supermarket Point of Sale (POS) comes useful in improving checkout experience by allowing customers to move fast through busy queues. Easily customizable and scalable, the retail management software allows streamlining of operations, and enhancing efficiency and productivity at all levels. The benefits of the supermarket ERP software are:

With Supermarket POS Management Software, 

    • Seamless integration

    • Quick price lookup with stock availability

    • Visibility of stock quantity at branch level

    • Multiple print and reprint options

    • Capture of customer details

    • Daily sales reports

    • Easy integration with most popular barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays

    • Fast checkout

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