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Online GST Accounting Software

Zoho Books, FTA Approved GST Accounting Software that has carved a niche for itself in the cloud arena. Despite the presence of industry leaders, Zoho has made its presence known with its panoply of cloud offerings that help drive sales through increased productivity and improved work processes.

Zoho has succeeded in building a strong customer base thanks to its value based products. Dutecs provide services for Zoho Mail and Books. Zoho books is a GST ready accounting software while Zoho mail comes integrated with Zoho Docs (online document management), and a complete office suite (word processor, spreadsheets, presentations).

We help integrate Zoho with ERP systems, Google and other third-party applications as per the business needs of the organizations, whether big or small. Through Zoho integration we ensure minimal disruption and help you automate several tasks and also reap benefits of increased productivity and collaboration.

Zoho Books helps to keep your finances in check as well as organized. With Zoho email hosting, you get a customized email solution that comes packed with unique features.

Features of Zoho Books Online GST Accounting Software

  • Streamline back office activities

    Zoho Books eliminates mundane and repetitive tasks by automating back office activities associated with invoicing, inventory management, banking and reporting.

  • Eliminate data entry

    Zoho Books facilitates import of bank and credit card transactions and also categorize the details as per bank rules.

  • Inventory Management

    Zoho Books allows efficient management of stocks and inventory by automatically updating the inventory levels. This ensures efficient order management as well.

  • Well integrated with Zoho Apps

    Zoho Books is tightly integrated with Zoho Apps, which ensures not just elimination of accounting problems but also provides a comprehensive picture of the company’s financial health.

  • Auto scan

    Zoho Books’ auto scan feature helps to extract data from piles of receipts.

  • Easy Payments

    Zoho Books makes online and offline payments easy and effortless to manage.

  • Contact Management

    Zoho Books helps categorize customers and vendors, which in turn helps view the outstanding amounts, past transactions, and statements at one place.

Features of Zoho Mail – Secure email hosting for your business

    • Amazing filters

      Zoho Mail offers various choices in managing incoming emails. You can assign an incoming email as a task, use filters to highlight mails from particular people, and even automatically move mails to specific folders.

    • Save your search

      Zoho Mail helps to quickly find emails from a particular person by allowing you to save the search. So next time when you are looking for the mails, just click the saved search which would be auto updated with the latest mails.

    • Incredible shortcuts

      Zoho Mail has 50+ keyboard shortcuts to make your navigation around the inbox easier.

    • Templates

      Zoho Mail allows you to create templates that can be reused every time you need to send a mail.

    • Outbox Delay

      Zoho Mail comes with Outbox Delay feature that allows you to fix the amount of time a mail should be kept in the Outbox. You can delay the email from 1 minute up to 120 minutes so that you get time to take final decision as to whether to send the email or delete it.

    • Enhanced Security

      Zoho Mail ensures security through measures that include encryption at rest, Two-factor authentication, GDPR compliance, and TLS for sending and receiving emails.

Planning to migrate to the cloud but unsure about Zoho email hosting? Allow Dutecs to explain the benefits and perform the migration hassle free.